Skylanders A to Z Challenge – Reflection Post


Today we are going to talk about Reflection. What do we mean exactly by reflection? Well had the following definition:

1. a fixing of the thoughts on something; careful consideration.

2. a thought occurring in consideration or meditation.

Now these are just two of the many definitions that it showed, but I thought these encompassed what my plan is here for today. We are going to talk about the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

As I look back over the month, I find that I really enjoyed being able to participate for the whole month. I was worried in the beginning that I wouldn’t have enough information to make it, nor that I would be able to even keep up the pace that the Challenge offered, as I’ve had problems keeping consistent with posting to this blog, but where we are at SUCCESS. The blogging challenge has shown me the benefits of keeping a regular schedule and keeping my writing alive everyday, something I definitely need to focus on going forward.

Another great thing about the challenge is that it brings together so many different blogs for one singular goal. Where else can you click on one page and be able to search through over a thousand blogs? The challenge allows you to connect to so many different people and get your own blog seen by those same people. I have found multiple sites that I have become a follower of that I might never have found without this challenge.

One thing that I didn’t like about the way that I did this challenge was the lack of preparation on my part. I should have started working ahead and not making myself rushed to get posts out on a daily basis. It would also have allowed me to get more information about each topic and present them in a light that would have benefited my readers. It is something that I am going to work on for next year’s challenge, which I plan on participating in.

I would recommend to anyone that is a blogger out there to take part in this challenge and put in the effort to complete it. The results are well worth the hard work during the month of April, the biggest challenge of all is keeping it going through May and on to the rest of the year.


Skylanders A to Z Challenge – Yodel


Did he say yodel? What do Yodeling and Skylanders have in common? Well if you had Head Rush, one of the Earth Element Trap Masters, then you would know that one of her abilities is Yodel. She lets out a powerful yodeling attack, hurting all enemies within earshot.

This same skill is also one of the paths that you can take during your upgrade phase. She gets three extra upgrades to her yodel ability that allows the attack to do more damage and even destroy the ground beneath her.

My wife plays this character in our little Skylander Universe, but I can say from first hand experience that the Yodel can be very destructive to enemy minions. The added benefit of destroying the ground beneath the enemy is just icing on the cake.

Skylanders A to Z Challenge – Drill-X


I know that Drill-X doesn’t really start with X, but Skylanders don’t have a character that I can find that starts with X or anything important besides Drill-X. I was going to focus on that fact that the game is available on XBox, but who really wants to read about anything they could have found in the commercial, so I decided to go with Drill-X.

Drill-X is a giant drilling machine. He appears during the second iteration in the Skylanders Universe, Skylanders: Giants. Drill-X is a boss fight during the Skylanders: Giants game. He appeared in the game on his oil rig, where he is drilling for the Lost City of Arkus for Kaos.

Sorry for the short post, but Drill-X doesn’t have much information on him.

Skylanders A to Z Challenge – Wallop


Today we are going to talk to about Wallop, an Earth Trap Master that was added in Skylanders: Trap Team. Wallop is one of my favorite to play characters and he does massive amounts of damage due to a couple of his abilities. There is just something about the dual wield maces that draw me to his character.

Wallop grew up in the land of weapon makers. His people used to use the vocanic lava pits of Mount Scorch to forge the best weapons in Skylands. Wallop was no different. Wallop was considered one of the best apprentices that any master had ever seen.

When he was supposed to show off his skill for all the masters one day, a fire viper awoke in the belly of the volcano. The  viper rose out of the mountain and attacked Wallop’s village. Jumping into action, Wallop was able to subdue the beast with his two massive hammers. Due to his actions that day, he was accepted into the Skylanders and now carries two traptanium-infused hammers.

Skylanders A to Z Challenge – Villains


This will be a short post on Villains. Most of the information in this post I have given out already in the multitude of characters that we have talked about already, but here we go.

The latest installment of Skylanders Trap Team has introduced something new to the Skylanders Universe, Villains. Villains are enemies that are in the game that are capturable with the right traptanium trap, purchased from your local Skylanders supplier.

As you come across these enemies in the game, you fight and defeat them, opening up a second screen where it asks you to put in a trap of the right element. These traps will capture the enemy that you were fighting and make them switch sides, becoming your ally and fighting for the Skylanders the rest of the game.  Each of the villains also have a quest through various levels that will “upgrade” them, basically give them a different skin, and will allow you to get the fourth star per level.

For more information regarding all the villains available in the Skylanders Universe: click here!

Skylanders A to Z Challenge – Undead Villains


Today I am stepping out a little bit and doing something different. This article is going to be about the Undead Villains that are in Skylanders Trap Team. These are all the villains that you can capture in an undead traptanium trap. Each of these villains are confronted in the game and upon their defeat, they go into a weaker status that makes them trapable. During this phase, you put your trap into the portal, and each character is whisked away into the trap, switching sides and becoming your ally for the rest of the game.

Wolfgang_Promo Masker_Mind_Promo
Hood-Sickle_Promo Bone_Chompy_Card

Skylanders A to Z Challenge – Terrafin

Terrafin_01Today we are going to talk about one of the characters that has made the ride from the beginning of the Skylanders Universe, Terrafin. Terrafin is one of my favorite characters throughout the series. He has always been a strong contender in each game and has abilities that are just a blast to use. Sad thing is, since I only have the Series 1 version of him, he doesn’t get used as much these days as he used to.

Terrafin is from the Dirt Seas, originally. In the Dirt Sea region, it is natural to bathe, swim, and even snorkel underground. There was a massive explosion that sent a blast wave across the Dirt Sea. This wave turned the sand of the Dirt Sea to glass, ending Terrafin’s career as the local lifeguard. Wanting to keep himself busy, Terrafin took up the art of boxing and quickly became a champion. People came from all over Skylands to challenge him. Terrafin changed his ways when he met a Skylander. He decided then to devote his life to a higher purpose.