A to Z Blogging Challenge Theme Reveal

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I know I’m a little bit behind on getting this up, as you can see by the banner it was supposed to be up on March 21st, but anyway I’m going to announce my upcoming blog theme for the month of April.

Star Wars Characters!!!!

With the resurgence of Star Wars into the limelight, as well as my love for the series itself, I’m going to visit some of the stories that make up the characters of the Star Wars Universe. The galaxy that is far, far, away, has so much depth to it that there are probably some characters out there that you might not know or might not understand where they came from. Hopefully, I will shed some light and inform you of some things you didn’t know and increase your Star Wars knowledge. If nothing else, at least we’ll have fun in the process.

Disclaimer: I will throw out there that some of my characters will come from the now defunct Expanded Universe. The EU was such a large part of my appreciation for Star Wars that I didn’t feel right leaving out some of those characters. I will mark which posts include characters from the EU so as not to confuse anyone.


What’s that? A post?

Well guys, as you can tell I haven’t really been around here in the last few months. I was going strong there for awhile and then everything just sort of dropped off the map for me blog wise. I didn’t complete Camp NANO this year, I didn’t even get close.

I do have intentions of getting this blog working in my favor, but so far, I have failed miserably over it’s existence. However, there is always time.

I believe that I have always tried to push myself to get as many posts out as possible, which then gets me burnt out on looking for new topics and then I stop posting altogether. Well, I’m going to change all that. I will just be posting once or twice a week. This should allow me to not worry about a new topic everyday and slow down burnout.

Well for now, that’s all I have but I will be seeing you guys more often in the future. If you have something that you want to talk about on here, feel free to drop me a comment and I can do a little research and post on a topic of your choosing.

Sad Day for Movie Soundtracks

James Horner - Epic Composer
James Horner – Epic Composer

Who doesn’t believe that the music doesn’t help make the movie? I know that it does. There are so many movies that the soundtracks stay with you long after the movie is over.

As I’m sure most people have heard by now, James Horner was involved in a plane crash on Monday. He was flying north of  Santa Barbara, California when his plane went down.  The composer was at the helm when his plane crashed. He was an experienced pilot.

James Horner composed some of the most memorable music for some of the biggest movies ever made. His credits include “Avatar,” “Titanic,” Apollo 13,” Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn,” Star Trek III: The Search for Spock,” “Braveheart.” and many other movies. His credit list stretches on, too long for me to mention.

Movie Soundtracks will be missing his style for years to come. My thoughts go out to his family.

What is your favorite Horner music?

Goals for the year – How its working out so far…


Well as you can tell from the picture above, I haven’t really been doing the best regarding the 7 overall goals that I’ve laid out for myself for the year. I’m going to reiterate these goals and explain where I currently am for the year. Best part about this is that I still have a half a year left to get things hopping.

1. Read 50 books in the year 2015.

So far this year, as you can see on the page I’ve added tracking my reading for this year, I’m still very lacking of my 50 books for the year. In fact, so far behind I’m not sure if I can make the goal, but I’m going to keep trying. The biggest thing in the coming months is to actually set aside some time to read so that I can work my way through the books I want to read and keep working towards being a better writer.

2. Finish at least two 40,000 word novellas.

So far, I haven’t really worked on much. I’ve gotten a lot of histories written down for a few different stories, but I haven’t gotten much farther then that. This is another timing issue that I need to start working on. I need to set aside time every night to hash out a few words, even if it is way below the goal I used to set for myself. Those darn books won’t write themselves!

3. Get set up to publish the two novellas as e-books.

Well based on the last description, everyone knows where I am regarding this issue.

4. Write everyday.

This is a goal that I am still working on. As stated above, if I was spending the time writing that I needed to, a few of these goals would work themselves out.

5. Write two blogs on this site per week

I’ve done a lot better on this blog this year then I have in the last few years. It seems that I get to working up some steam and then everything fizzles and I stop writing blogs. Well April i completed the A to Z Challenge and it kept me pushing to write everyday, however this month, I haven’t done a very good job of posting.

6. I’d like to be able to spend some time learning to read and write Kanji

Not even started on this one.

7. I would like to spend some time learning how to use Blender.

I still have a love for 3D graphic design, but so far haven’t spent any time working on this goal either.

So as you can see, I’ve allowed myself to fall way behind on my goals for the year and most of it comes from a lack of motivation to set aside the time to get things done. I can blame other things in my mind during the day, but it all comes down to discipline. I need to stop, start over, and focus on what I really want out of this year.

Has anyone else out there set goals? If so, how are things coming in 2015?

Sorry for the break!

I just wanted to explain why this place has been full of crickets recently. After pushing through the entire month of April with 26 blog posts, I decided to take a little break and recenter my attention on the blog and where I want it to go. I have some work to do on the layout yet, so everything here isn’t perfect but I didn’t want to leave anyone hanging on what has been going on.

I will be back to posting new information this week. I also want to try and get the wonderful picture that my wife took the time to draw for me up in the title bar. I’m working how I want it to look, but needless to say, the Ninja will be awesome. I’m just lucky that I could convince her to draw it for me.

See you with new posts this week!

Skylanders A to Z Challenge – Zoo Lou

Zoo_LouFor my last post in the A to Z Challenge, we are going to be talking about Zoo Lou. Zoo Lou was introduced into the Skylanders Universe with the Skylanders: Giants game.

Zoo Lou is a shaman. He comes from a long line of shamans. Zoo Lou traveled the Seven Strange Strongholds, places of great wonder in Skylands, where he studied the wisdom and fighting styles of the Seven Strange Mages. After years of traveling and studying, Zoo Lou returned to find his home and been overrun by an army of trolls.

Zoo Lou was angry. After now having mastered the enchanted art of communicating with nature and summoning animals from his travels, Zoo Lou unleashed his great mojo. Zoo Lou was able to single handedly defeat the trolls in his village. He caught the attention of another Skylander, Double Trouble, who brought him before Master Eon and the Skylanders. The rest is history.

Zoo Lou is by far my favorite character. He was the first character I took to Level 20.

Ceres’ Bright Spots to be Studied

There is something very reflective on the surface of Ceres, the largest object in the Astroid Belt.  The two spots that you see in the picture below have started up the conversations on many space pages. At the moment, no one can say what it is but that hasn’t stopped anyone from making theories about what they are.

Image of Ceres from Dawn spacecraft. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA
Image of Ceres from Dawn spacecraft. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA

The reflections that you see above sit inside a 57 mile wide crater on the northern hemisphere of Ceres. One spot is about twice as luminous as the other one, though the brightness of each is “off scale,” Dawn Deputy  Principal Investigator Carol Raymond said. To figure out exactly what these reflective spots are, we will have to be patient. It will require a closer view from Dawn, a view that it should be able to give us on April 23rd, when it spirals down to its first science orbit. Right now the major theories say it is either water vapor or ice, possibly from a subsurface ocean.

Whatever the spots are, I know I’m excited to find out. Seeing space travel and space news make the headlines everyday creates a thrill for me that I love because of the new things that we can learn about a universe that is so big, it’s almost impossible to comprehend.

What do you think the spots could be?