Historical Weapons: Chakram

Today I want to cover a weapon that has been seen in some popular fantasy series like Xena: Warrior Princess and games like Runescape. The Chakram has multiple applications in combat based on its size. Larger Chakram could be used for melee combat while smaller versions of the weapon were thrown in combat. Brass chakram had been known to travel up to 100 meters because of their lower mass and better design.

The chakram was referenced first in India. In these first epics, the weapon was used by the God Vishnu. The Sikhs also used this weapon. They became associated because the Sikhs liked to use the chakram on their armor, even wearing them around their neck. The weapon spread across Asia but each area seemed to make its own version.

The chakram has been a weapon of interest for me for some time. I like the concept of a weapon that can be thrown, yet also used as a melee combat weapon if need be. It opens up a lot of possibilities for use in a story for a melee combatant or wizard if you enchant the weapons for your characters.

Weapons are constantly being used as a symbol of a character or as a symbol for magic in fantasy stories. In my own stories, I try to use a strong weapon for my strong character, even my wizards from time to time..

What types of devices do you use to help describe your characters?