Cheerios – the Food of Toddler Gods

Image from WANA Commons by Lynn Kelly Author

Sorry for anyone who got the e-mail that this was published. My WordPress App didn’t sync properly and didn’t tell me until this morning. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Everyone who has a kid knows what is in the above picture. Heck I guess everyone probably knows by now. Cheerios! Pretty much the super hero to a parent with a toddler. Easy to carry, easy to store, easy for a toddler to eat. Bliss in a zip lock bag. Relief!

At least I know it was sweet relief in my house when the toddler started to take some food. They allowed us to give her some real food when her teeth started in and gave her something to work on to impress her friends down at the water cooler.

“Hey, I just ate some Cheerios, that’s right. Bow to me, minions!”

Well at least that is what I would picture it being with the attitude that my daughter is starting to get. Anyway, who would have guessed that these little circles would bring about cheers from parents everywhere. They also got creative. Those crazy cats at Cheerios decided they were going to make fruity Cheerios. Parents everywhere revered them as gods. What more could anyone want, fruity goodness for their kids in a form that was easy to eat and easy to feed.

As someone who has white carpets in the house (they were there when we bought it, previous owners must have been crazy!) Cheerios quickly became the food of choice as they don’t really ruin anything we currently have. Greatness in a bag!

What types of things have you used in the past? Do you like Cheerios? Do Cheerios make you smile? Have a hatred for the little circles? Use something different on your kids?

I love to hear from you!