Jeffrey McChesney’s first interest in the world of Science Fiction was reading Jurassic Park when he was in fourth grade. He never had any idea what impact this book and movie would have on his life. Wanting to keep delving into the world of Michael Crichton, Jeff scoured the book shelves looking to gobble up any science fiction books he could find. This eventually drove him into the world of the Star Wars expanded universe (before its demise) and the world of Drizzt Do’Urden. His love for science fiction and fantasy has only grown from there.

While at an early age writing pulled at the heartstrings of Jeffrey. In his elementary years, he would write 11 page stories to cover 1 page assignments. Growing up, he fell into the world of technology and writing took a back seat to his new interest. After finishing time in school, receiving a Bachelor’s in Information Science and Technology as well as a MBA, Jeffrey has felt the words pulling at him to get back on the page. He is currently working to get his first novel finished.

When Jeffrey isn’t writing, he spends time chasing his daughter around the house and spending time with his wife. His early morning hours are spent delving into the universe that is World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm. Spaceships and swords – nothing better :-).


4 thoughts on “Biography

  1. It’s awesome to have supportive spouses. My hubby is very supportive of my writing endeavors. Not sure when you wrote this, but have you guys welcomed the bundle of joy yet?

    1. Yeah, I actually need to really update that. Haha, she is going to be a year old next month. She is an extremely wonderful and happy baby. At first you don’t know how you are going to do it and then next thing you know, it’s odd for her to not be around.

      I’m glad that your hubby is supportive of your writing. There is no way I could get anything done if my wife didn’t support me. Family can be so wonderful.

      1. Thanks! She is wonderful. 4 and 2 huh, I hear those can be exciting ages. I remember my nephews at that point. They can get into everything! Haha. Happy Writing to you!

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