#AtoZBloggingChallenge – Emtrey (M-3PO)


Expanded Universe: Emtrey was a droid that only made an appearance in the Expanded Universe. He was the purchasing droid for Rogue Squadron in the Rogue Squadron series of books.

Emtrey was built on Hoth for the purpose of purchasing goods. He had built in special programming that involved a scrounger mode that would allow him to scrounge for parts. He also had programming built in that when told to shut up more then three times would basically shut of his personality and make him a dumb terminal for access. Emtrey looked after the Squadron on their many missions as well as scrounged up parts for use in their starfighters.

It was later found out, after the New Republic took Coruscant, that Emtrey’s terminal mode was put in place by New Republic Intelligence to discover if Captain Tycho Celchu, a former Imperial, was a brainwashed Imperial agent. During his trial for killing fellow Rogue Corran Horn, Emtrey was able to provide the proof that Captain Celchu had not been meeting with Imperial agents. Also, after Corran Horn reappeared and the betrayal by the real Imperial spy, Celchu was found innocent.

After the trial and departure of Imperial leader Ysanne Isard, Rogue Squadron and it’s members resigned because the New Republic would not attack the puppet regime Isard had set up on Thyferra. Emtrey and all the squadron’s equipment were put up as surplus, as a sort of unofficial stamp of approval, so they could be claimed by the Rogues and used in the fight against Isard. Emtrey was a valuable asset to the team.

After the fight for Thyferra, Emtrey returned to the service of the New Republic.


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