Pluto: Will you be watching?

New Horizons

If you follow my Facebook and this blog, you’ve heard a little bit about the New Horizon’s mission to Pluto. This first of its kind mission will who us close up photos of the dwarf planet Pluto for the first time in human history. The science and knowledge that we will gain will be astronomical to our understanding of the solar system.

But how many people will really see or even care about what is taking place? I’m sure for a lot of people it will pass them right by. Just a foot note in a day full of crappy entertainment news and who is dating who articles. When did we turn away from human achievement?

In the 1960’s the entire country was focused on the moon. The space program was in it’s hay day as people were watching as we tried to get to the moon before the Russians. Numerous scientific achievements came out of this time. Heck some of the products that we use on a daily basis came out of the space race. But the country had a goal when it came to space and everyone was supporting it’s mission.

Today those ideas have changed. NASA has grand plans for the continuation of the human race searching the stars, but because of politics and government budget control, they have limited capability to get things done. Space just doesn’t bring in the ratings it used to. If our missions were a little more popular in the public eye, then maybe the people wouldn’t see the money that NASA gets as a waste.

The Space Program is a must have for our country. I know there hasn’t been any talk about it going away or anything, but the things that we can learn by sending out probes and even manned missions to other worlds, far surpasses some of the crap that we currently spend money on.

So I urge you, (I’m sure most my followers already do check, but for new visitors) take some time out of your day and read up on what the New Horizon’s spacecraft is doing. This is human achievement at its finest. The team has been waiting for nine years to complete their mission.

So what do you think? I love hearing from you!


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