Camp NanoWriMo 2015

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NanoWriMo – The time of year where authors break down in tears and families go starving as you try to get in one more page. Wait a second, this is July not November. What in the heck are we talking about National November Write Month?

Well we are talking about it here today because today is July 1st, the beginning of Camp NanoWriMo, the summer edition. I have been a part of the November full on 50K version for two years now (so far not a winner) and this year I am going to partake in the July version that is taking place now. I have a short story, well more of a novella in a new full on setting that I want to get up and running and I’m using Camp NanoWriMo to get my butt in the seat and get those words a flowing.

CampNanoWriMo follows the same rules as NanoWriMo except for one simple thing. There is no 50,000 word count for the month. They welcome any word count that you can put in between 10,000 and 1.000.000. My novella I have clocked in at 35,000 words for the month. I started this evening and am a little behind but that was from the busy night. I plan on catching up tomorrow.

35,000 words, seems like such a huge feat. but when you get going, the words come fly right off your fingers and can make the 35,000 seem like a small amount. Well, I’m guessing at that as I’ve never made it that far yet, but talk to me on July 31st, and hopefully I can tell you. The biggest part for me is to ensure that I can keep going, keep pushing that word count everyday.

There will be days after this camp that I can look back and edit my work, thinking “What in the world was I thinking here?” “What type of person would type such drivel?” But those days are in the future. I have created a spreadsheet so that I can keep track of my word counts on a daily basis and if I can find my old counter, I will update the site with a counter along the side so that you guys can follow along to and hopefully cheer me on (or throw tomatoes, whichever works best for you :-P)

What things do you guys do to push your limits? Do you do very much to get yourself out of your comfort zone? What new things can you learn about yourself from such activities?

I love hearing from you!


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