Goals for the year – How its working out so far…


Well as you can tell from the picture above, I haven’t really been doing the best regarding the 7 overall goals that I’ve laid out for myself for the year. I’m going to reiterate these goals and explain where I currently am for the year. Best part about this is that I still have a half a year left to get things hopping.

1. Read 50 books in the year 2015.

So far this year, as you can see on the page I’ve added tracking my reading for this year, I’m still very lacking of my 50 books for the year. In fact, so far behind I’m not sure if I can make the goal, but I’m going to keep trying. The biggest thing in the coming months is to actually set aside some time to read so that I can work my way through the books I want to read and keep working towards being a better writer.

2. Finish at least two 40,000 word novellas.

So far, I haven’t really worked on much. I’ve gotten a lot of histories written down for a few different stories, but I haven’t gotten much farther then that. This is another timing issue that I need to start working on. I need to set aside time every night to hash out a few words, even if it is way below the goal I used to set for myself. Those darn books won’t write themselves!

3. Get set up to publish the two novellas as e-books.

Well based on the last description, everyone knows where I am regarding this issue.

4. Write everyday.

This is a goal that I am still working on. As stated above, if I was spending the time writing that I needed to, a few of these goals would work themselves out.

5. Write two blogs on this site per week

I’ve done a lot better on this blog this year then I have in the last few years. It seems that I get to working up some steam and then everything fizzles and I stop writing blogs. Well April i completed the A to Z Challenge and it kept me pushing to write everyday, however this month, I haven’t done a very good job of posting.

6. I’d like to be able to spend some time learning to read and write Kanji

Not even started on this one.

7. I would like to spend some time learning how to use Blender.

I still have a love for 3D graphic design, but so far haven’t spent any time working on this goal either.

So as you can see, I’ve allowed myself to fall way behind on my goals for the year and most of it comes from a lack of motivation to set aside the time to get things done. I can blame other things in my mind during the day, but it all comes down to discipline. I need to stop, start over, and focus on what I really want out of this year.

Has anyone else out there set goals? If so, how are things coming in 2015?


2 thoughts on “Goals for the year – How its working out so far…

    1. Maybe it would be better to just focus on a couple of goals for the year instead of such a long list. I’ll have to rethink that one. There are some things I could knock off there that would make it easier to focus. Thanks for stopping by!

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