Skylanders A to Z Challenge – Wallop


Today we are going to talk to about Wallop, an Earth Trap Master that was added in Skylanders: Trap Team. Wallop is one of my favorite to play characters and he does massive amounts of damage due to a couple of his abilities. There is just something about the dual wield maces that draw me to his character.

Wallop grew up in the land of weapon makers. His people used to use the vocanic lava pits of Mount Scorch to forge the best weapons in Skylands. Wallop was no different. Wallop was considered one of the best apprentices that any master had ever seen.

When he was supposed to show off his skill for all the masters one day, a fire viper awoke in the belly of the volcano. The  viper rose out of the mountain and attacked Wallop’s village. Jumping into action, Wallop was able to subdue the beast with his two massive hammers. Due to his actions that day, he was accepted into the Skylanders and now carries two traptanium-infused hammers.


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