Skylanders A to Z Challenge – Villains


This will be a short post on Villains. Most of the information in this post I have given out already in the multitude of characters that we have talked about already, but here we go.

The latest installment of Skylanders Trap Team has introduced something new to the Skylanders Universe, Villains. Villains are enemies that are in the game that are capturable with the right traptanium trap, purchased from your local Skylanders supplier.

As you come across these enemies in the game, you fight and defeat them, opening up a second screen where it asks you to put in a trap of the right element. These traps will capture the enemy that you were fighting and make them switch sides, becoming your ally and fighting for the Skylanders the rest of the game.  Each of the villains also have a quest through various levels that will “upgrade” them, basically give them a different skin, and will allow you to get the fourth star per level.

For more information regarding all the villains available in the Skylanders Universe: click here!


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