Skylanders A to Z Challenge – Rocky Roll


Rocky Roll is one of the newer characters that was just released for Skylanders Trap Team. He looks to be an interesting character but I haven’t had the pleasure of being able to play him yet.

The combination of Rocky and Roll was one of mutual benefit. Rocky was a digger who wanted to make a difference in the world and Roll was a boulder that wanted to see the world. They had a history together, as they met in mining school when they were young. Both wanted to travel to Peek’s Peak, where it was said that one’s destiny reveals itself.

As time went on they both decided to take the journey. They happen to run into each other on the same path. They didn’t know until then that they were supposed to journey together to see the wide world, as Rocky Roll. After several adventures as their new identity, they ran into Master Eon by chance. Master Eon recognized that they connection meant a lot to each entity. He offered them membership as a Skylander and now Rocky Roll crushes anything that threatens their home of Skylands.


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