Skylanders A to Z Challenge – Quigley


Quigley is one character that has shown his head in multiple games through the Skylanders journey. He is a young Mabu child that just wants to grow up and become a Skylander someday. In Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, he interacts with whatever character the player is using at the time. His quotes are different which adds a little character to this NPC.

Quigley is the son of the Mabu Royal family. In Spyro’s Adventure, Quigley lived on the Shattered Island. After the player goes through and rescues him, he wanders around the ruins for the rest of the game. Quigley also makes an appearance in Skylanders: Giants in Rumbletown where he names his own Life Elemental zone. He also has returned in Skylanders: Trap Team where he is in the library section of the Skylanders Academy, hoping and training to become a Skylander.

Quigly also shows up in the mobile game Skylanders: Lost Islands where he will clear out the XP on all your community buildings and houses, making it so you don’t have to click. He will do this once every two hours.


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