Skylanders A to Z Challenge – Pet Vac


Today we are going to talk about another mini character that made it’s way into Trap Team – Pet Vac. Pet Vac is the mini version of Jet-Vac.

Jet-Vac was the greatest flying ace in all of Windham. Since he was a Sky Baron, he was given his magical wings at an early age. When Windham was invaded, Jet-Vac made a bold move and sacrificed his wings so that a mother could fly her children to safety.

His selfless act caught the eye of Master Eon. Master Eon tracked down Jet-Vac so that he could give him a weapon, a magical vacuum device that would allow him to fly again. Jet-Vac accepted the gift and now fights with the Skylanders.

I have the Series 2 version of Jet-Vac, however this is another character that I have yet to get. Looking forward to leveling him up.


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