Skylanders A to Z Challenge – Octavius


Today we are going to talk about an NPC character called Octavius Cloptimus. He is spotted in the Skylanders Giants game.

Octavius is the mystical being that the molekin in Molekin Mountain are closely related to. Octavius is also known to be an Oracle. He was visited by a Skylander, Flynn, Cali, and Ermit during the Giants campaign. Skylanders intrigued Octavius, so when he was visited by one he wanted to see their thought processes. He would help the group, if the Skylander would pass a set of trials for him, he would show the group the shortcut to the Lost City of Arkus. After passing the trials, Octavius shows them the way and grants them an Arkeyan Copter and told the Skylanders to return to him anytime.


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