Skylanders A to Z Challenge – Mini-Jini


Today we are going to talk about another aspect of character that was added in Skylanders Trap Team, the mini characters. Mini-Jini in particular. Mini-jini is the mini version of Ninjini.

Mini-jini was the smaller version of the powerful ninja Ninjini. Ninjini was around long before the times of the Arkeyans. A powerful sorceress trapped her in an enchanted bottle for eternity. The sorceress was jealous of Ninjini’s prowess as a warrior.

As time went on, Ninjini kept her desire to escape. She learned how to handle dual swords while she was in the confines of her bottle. As the years in the bottle grew, she continued to get stronger and stronger until she was able to break free of the bottle through her sheer force of will.

From then on, she decided to help anyone in need, becoming one of the first Skylanders. As a reminder of resilience, she carries the bottle around with her and even utilizes it for some of her abilities.


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