Skylanders A to Z Challenge – Luminous

LuminousVillains are something new to the world of Skylanders in the Trap Team game. In this game, you are allowed to capture certain villains as you level. You have to have a Traptanium trap of the right element to be able to capture these villains.

Luminous is one of the villains of Skylands. He is the most prominent villain of the Light Element. As a member of the Light Element, he has always feared the dark and wanted to vanquish it, no matter the cost. The quest made him mad and he attacked all who opposed him. He found what he wanted in the Starlight, a source of light so powerful that darkness could never escape.

He came across a problem though, the Starlight was protected by the Skylanders. At some time, the Light Realms was cutoff from the rest of Skylands. During this time, Luminous decided to make another run fro the Starlight, but he didn’t know that he wasn’t alone in the Light Realm. A Skylander we posted about yesterday named Knight Light was also in the realm. After a battle lasting several days, Knight Light was able to imprison Luminous in the Sunscraper Spire.


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