Skylanders A to Z Challenge – Gill Grunt

Gill Grunt

Today we are going to talk about a staple in the Skylanders Universe. Gill Grunt has been around since the beginning. He was one of the first characters you got with the game, and has had a new iteration in every game following. Many people love the character.

Gill was in the Gillmen military. While journeying through the mist, he came upon a lagoon with a mermaid. After his tour of duty, he vowed to return to her. Gill kept his promise and returned to the lagoon years later, only to find that a band of pirates had ransacked the lagoon and the mermaid was missing. Gill searched all over Skylands. Even though he hadn’t found her yet, he joined up with the Skylanders to keep evil at bay. He always keeps an eye out for the mermaid he lost.

Gill was one of the first characters that we got when we started playing in Skylands. He isn’t one of my personal favorites, but he is pretty powerful and the people must enjoy him as there is a new version with every game released so far.


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