Skylanders A to Z Challenge – Fling Kong


Today we are going to focus on another new character to the Skylanders Universe: Fling Kong. Fling Kong has yet to be released and is a character in the latest installment,  Skylanders Trap Team.

Fling Kong was very serious about his training in the Monk-Ru, a form of fighting that harnesses the power of air. He was an ever devoted student, first to show up, last to leave. One day a troop of Gorilla-Goos came to the village to steal the Monkey Idol Kubla-Wa. The Gorillas took over the temple and almost gained control of the idol. Then Fling Kong showed up.

Attacking with the power of a true master of Monk-Ru, Fling Kong was able to drive the Gorillas out of their land, saving the idol. After his swift victory, word of his exploits traveled to Master Eon, a portal master. Eon convinced Fling Kong to use his powers to help the people of Skylands.


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