Skylanders A to Z Challenge – Echo


Today we are going to talk about one of the new characters into the Skylanders Universe, Echo. Echo comes to the Universe from the Water Element. Echo lived in an underwater kingdom built around a large oyster shell with the Pearl of Wisdom inside. Dragons used to come from all around to ask the pearl questions.

Everyone who lived around the pearl was ordered to be very quiet. They could only speak in whispers. This was a challenge for Echo because she had a gift and it was a loud one.

One day, a gang of seahorses, going by the name the Aqua Jocks decided that they were going to claim the pearl for themselves. They rode into town and covered the pearl in a giant bubble, lifting it and allowing them to move it.  All the dragons had been so silent for so long that they couldn’t even call for help. Echo showed up and with her loudest sonar blast, burst the bubble and blew the seahorses right out of the kingdom!

Her heroic actions did not go unnoticed. Gill Grunt, a fellow Water Element Skylander, recruited Echo to join up. Now she can protect anyone across the entirety of Skylands.


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