Skylanders A to Z Challenge – Blackout


Blackout is one of the newest characters in the Skylanders Universe. He makes up a part of the new element that was released with Skylanders Trap Team. Blackout is a Dark Element Character, one of only two that have been released.

Blackout enters the Skylands from the Realm of Dreams. The Realm of Dreams is the place that all creatures in the universe send their dreams and nightmares. Inside the Realm of Dreams, Blackout aligned himself with the Dark Stygian, a Dragon clan who were responsible for creating nightmares for evil creatures as a way to discourage more evil.

But as with most power, the clan began to abuse theirs. They soon began to spread nightmares across the entire Skylands Universe for their own enjoyment. Blackout rebelled. He learned how to teleport into these dreams and fought the creatures that were contained within. When the nightmares reached Portal Master Eon, he saw everything that Blackout was doing to protect the innocents from the nightmares. The two teamed up and put a stop to the Dark Stygian. Eon offered Blackout a pot among the Skylanders and he accepted.

Blackout is known today as the protector of the Realm of Dreams and beyond.

I haven’t had the chance to play this character yet, but I am looking forward to it. He has some great abilities that look exciting to use. He will be a great addition to our very large Skylander Collection!


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