CassaStorm – A Book Review

I got this book because I like to follow Alex J. Cavanaugh’s blog. I’ve always enjoyed reading his blog, he keeps it funny and lighthearted. He also posts on upcoming movies and has reviews on movies that also keep my interest. Either way, i wanted to support this author who keeps things fresh and new. So here we go.

CassaStorm by Alex Cavanaugh

I enjoyed the book. I was worried at first because I wasn’t a huge fan of the way the story started out. Officer Byron came across as a cocky character that I just couldn’t get behind. As a pilot, he has to have some sort of confidence to do what he does, so I expected this a little bit, but it seemed a little over the top. It felt like the character always had to remind me that he was the best pilot in the fleet.

As the story moves on, we learn more about Byron and how he has a hard time getting along with anyone. After forming a relationship with his navigator, they grow as a team and continue to move through training as other teams get sent home. During this phase, flight instructor Bassa takes a special interest in Officer Byron. By special interest, I mean he has read his file and has decided that he is going to break him into the fleet. After the training ends, Byron is faced with a difficult choice as his navigator leaves.

This is the type of book that gets better as it goes along. There are a lot more sections of the book that I could talk about but I don’t want to give away the entire story. The relationships grow throughout the story and you get to see Officer Byron grow as a person based on the relationships that he has. I like the book for two major reasons. First the story is in space and follows a space opera theme and second, the growth of the characters throughout the story. Both of these reasons make this book worth a read. I’m plan on reading the next two stories sometime this year as well.

Have you read this book? Enjoy space opera’s? I love hearing from you!


2 thoughts on “CassaStorm – A Book Review

  1. Hey Jeffrey! Thanks for the great review and for sticking with the story. I know Byron was a touch character. He does mellow and mature over the series.
    And double thanks – I’ll try to keep it light at my blog and continue with movie reviews. Two new ones tomorrow!

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by! I really grew to enjoy his connection with Bassa over the series and to watch him grow from a cocky teenager mentality into the man that he was at the end of the story. I definitely have plans to read the next two in the series.

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