Space – Pushing the Limits

Today I want to talk about a topic that has always been near and dear to my own heart. Space – The Final Frontier. *cues ominous music* No really, space has played a part in everyone’s lives since the ramp up of space activities in the 1960’s. The Space Race, now that was something the country could get behind. We had to be the first to the moon. And so it was. Everyone in the country was watching as we took our first steps on the moon. Man had accomplished so much. Then as we made repeat visits to our lunar neighbor, less and less people watched. Until eventually, it seemed like just another day when a rocket blasted off towards the heavens.

Image Courtesy of NASA
Image Courtesy of NASA

In the 1980’s I was born. I grew up during the Star Wars/Star Trek era. Space has always been a major interest in my life. At one point in my life I wanted to be an astronomer. I’m not sure what draws me to space exactly, whether it is the interesting ships that one can create or the spark of exploring somewhere we’ve never been before, space offers a plethora of opportunities. The endless expanse can be a creative release for anyone that thinks outside the box.

Space travel has pushed itself back into the limelight over the last few years. NASA has ramped up activities with the new Orion capsule that will replace the retired Space Shuttle and their commercial contracts for travel to the ISS. We have companies like Planetary Resources popping up that have every intention of mining an asteroid some day in the future. Seems like every other day I see an article talking about the settlement of Mars.

Image Courtesy of NASA
Image Courtesy of NASA

So why has space become something to talk about again? I believe it is because they are finally starting to push the limits again, like they did in the 1960’s. When we first traveled to the Moon, people believed that we wouldn’t be able to do it. The technologies that had to be made just to make it there and back were out of reach for us at the time. But we did it. Today that same trend is happening again. Mars is the next target. Having someone live on a planet that is that far away baffles the mind. Yes, we see things like that in science fiction all the time, but we’re talking about real life. Sending a human to another planet so that they can live. Seems almost unbelievable. But we’ll do it.

If there is one thing I have seen from the original space exploration of the Moon, it is that it is human nature to overcome. When someone says we can’t do it, we will. If it baffles the mind, we will do everything we can to accomplish it. Conquering the last frontier gives something for people to believe in that is bigger then themselves. I believe that we will get to the Red Planet. It might not be 2030, but we will get there, because we’ve set a target to get there. And no target can keep us down when we really work at it.

What do you think about space and it’s implications? I love hearing from you!


2 thoughts on “Space – Pushing the Limits

  1. A topic that I can relate with, Jeffrey. I have always been fascinated with space and a bit perturbed that we do not spend enough resources to explore it (or our oceans for that matter). I have always thought that space is where the future is – whether it is exploration, mining resources, or building colonies. We are so close to gaining a greater understanding of space and time beyond our own reality…Alas, I fear that I won’t see it in my lifetime, largely due to humans having difficulty getting on the same page. But, maybe in the next cycle, eh?

    1. I would agree with you that we don’t spend enough resources on the exploration of space. The universe is unfathomable, but we don’t even know much about the area around us. I think if we could band together and realize that space is where the future is, we would be able to accomplish these landmarks much faster.

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