It always seems like there is never enough to get everything done. I mean heck, my daughter is about to turn three. Three! Seems like yesterday she was coming home for the first time. I know almost all parents sound like this, but it is someting that I never would have believed if I hadn’t lived through it myself. For those of you without kids, you’ll have to trust me like everyone else tells you. I wouldn’t lie to you! I swear!

Another crazy thing to me is that today is my four year anniversary. When we met, I hadn’t even been looking for someone to be with. But it just kinda happened. One day we’re talking, the next we’re dating and then a year later, we’re married. It’s been a great adventure over the last four years. I can’t think of anyone I would rather spend the rest of my life with. You’re just as crazy as I am!

Anyway, back to the not having enough time to get everything done. What are some things that you guys out there use to get yourself more time. I have started thinking of ways that I can cut out some unused time in the day by watching TV and trying to use it in a constructive manner. So far, the effort hasn’t been that great, but I’m still working on it. I am wanting to break down and write down what i do in my day. A lot of people have said that when you write a time journal, you can see where you are wasting time and turn it into constructive time. I know that I am probably spending way more time doing less then I could be. I think the number will surprise me.

Have you ever tried writing out a time journal? Any other tips that you have? I love hearing from you!


4 thoughts on “Time

  1. I definitely feel you on the struggle for time. I’m a mom of two and we homeschool. If I don’t deliberately carve out writing time, it won’t happen. What works for me, even though I don’t really like it, is to get up an hour or two earlier. By the end of the day, I’m usually too worn out to write but mornings I can do. I’m not naturally a morning person but early mornings are the only time when no one else is up and I can just sit and work.

    Another thing that works for me is to grab little bits of writing time throughout the day. When I have a few minutes, I try to stop and write down something. That tends to keep the ideas flowing. My phone comes in handy for those moments because it’s always with me and I can just jot down a few notes and go on about my business.

    I do also use a program for tracking my time called Toggl ( toggl.com). I use it for web design work projects as well as writing. That way, I can look back and see where I’ve spent my time. It’s been helpful in showing me where I’m wasting time and where I’m not spending enough time.

    1. We have thrown the idea around about homeschooling in a few years when my daughter gets to the right age. What do you think about it?

      I might have to take a look at that program. It seems that it could be an easier way to track things then writing them down in a notepad or something like that.

      1. Toggl is fabulous for keeping track of time. There’s an iPhone app for it as well (not sure about Android). That helps when I’m on the go or just writing away from my computer.

        As for homeschooling, we love it. We’ve homeschooled since our eldest was old enough for school. We felt we’d rather start homeschooling and change our mind than start public/private school and switch. But once we started, we never looked back. Oh sure, there are days when you want to tear your hair out or start to doubt yourself but we continue to feel homeschooling’s best for our family.

        There are so many great resources for homeschooling. The HSLDA (hslda.org) has lots of valuable info.

        We personally favor an eclectic approach to homeschooling with a healthy dose of “unschooling.” Unschool means the parents collaborate in the learning process and what’s studied follows the child’s interests. Some unschoolers reject all textbooks and worksheet type learning but we tend to consider everything on a case-by-case basis.Textbooks and worksheets do have their place and discipline and organization are important skills. You just have to find the balance for your family.

        As your little one is very young, my best advise would be not to be in a hurry to school. Be there to share your litte one’s interest in the world, encourage exploration and curiousity and read to her a lot. Every child develops at his/her pace. Some kids are right in line with the mainstream educational system, some are ahead and some are behind. For the most part, those kids who were ahead of the game do not necessarily keep their lead and those behind tend to catch up. Of course, some kids will always be ahead and some may struggle with a learning disability, which should be addressed right away. And sometimes kids may seem way behind in one subject or another but it’s really that they’re, as an individual, just not developmentally ready for that subject yet and, when they hit that developmental readiness, they not only catch up to their peers in an extremely short period of time but often overshoot them (we experienced that with both our children and reading).

        I mention this because one of the biggest stresses on a homeschooling family (aside from family and friends who don’t understand) is the worry that you’ll fail your child. Even parents with a lot of experience homeschooling can have panicky moments. We look at what we think we’re supposed to be doing and/or what our friends’ and familiy’ kids are doing and we freak out. Are our kids doing enough? A good support group is key. You need other homeschooling parents to bounce ideas off or calm you when those freak-out storms blow through.

        Sorry for the epic reply! I get pretty passionate about homeschooling. 😀

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