Skylanders – Dino-Rang

I decided to hit my second post in my Skylanders Series with the newest Skylander in my collection. (If you missed my first post about Spyro, it is right here.) He has been an illusive little Skylander, as there for a time I could not find him anywhere online to buy. When I saw him show up on Amazon, I jumped at the opportunity (and the price) and added him to our growing collection.


Dino-Rang has an interesting past. He spent his time learning the weapons of his people – Earthen Boomerangs. His people lived in an entirely different world then the people of Skylands. They had no knowledge of each other. While he was sleeping one day, a portal opened up beneath him and deposited him in the land of Skylands. Unsure of what to do, not knowing anyone in the worlds, Dino-Rang set out to explore this new world before him. After awhile he became a Skylander. He now fights for the group, forever in search of the Twin Diamond Boomerangs, which he believes could lead him to a greater destiny.

Dino-Rang is one of the few characters that only has one character model out there.

Do you have any elusive Skylander Characters in your collection?

I also have to throw in a special thanks to my wife because she took and edited the above picture for me. (She must love me, but I don’t know why.)


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