Skylander – Spyro

This is the first of many posts that are going to explain some of the background regarding the characters that exist in Skylands. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last few years, Skylanders is a series of games that incorporate the use of physical characters and a portal to play the game. When these characters are on the portal, the character becomes available in the game to play. Each character has different abilities and stories plus they are able to level up by gaining experience and becoming more powerful. The first character we are going to cover in this ongoing series will be Spyro the Dragon – the headline character for the Skylanders.

My Dual Spyros
My Dual Spyros

Spyro is the only character that has had his own game. Spyro was the headline character for multiple games on previous console systems, but now he lives and works as a Skylander. He has had many personality types as he has grown into the dragon that he is today. In Skylands, he is a strong willed dragon that is arrogant and headstrong. He is fearless, making him a great hero as he would do anything to help the citizens in Skylands. He is a from a rare mystical line of dragons that have the ability to harness the power of other elements. Spyro has many different characters out there: First EditionSeries 2, Series 3 (Mega Ram Spyro), Dark Spyro, Dark Edition Spyro, and Legendary Spyro.

Spyro is not my favorite character in the Skylands series, but he is very strong once he is leveled. While Spyro is probably the most famous of the Skylanders, I prefer some of the other characters that you are going to see over the next few weeks. Nothing against the purple dragon, but he just isn’t my favorite. I don’t know if it stems from the fact that I’ve played the other games and would just like to try something new or what but Spyro is further down on my list of character favorites.

Are there any other Skylander players out there? Who are your favorite characters? Who do you want to see the background for?

I love hearing from you!


3 thoughts on “Skylander – Spyro

  1. We started playing when Skylanders Giants came out and have around 40 of the characters. My favorite has to be StinkBomb. A smelly skunk who does karate, hard to compete with that!

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