Fun in the Sun and a Rant

Have you ever been outside in the sun writing and thought, “Man, this is the life!” Well, this afternoon we had one of those moments. We were sitting out on our new patio with our new patio table and my wife decides to water down the garden.

Of course we had the neighbor kids over to play with our little angel and somehow the spray was aimed at the kids. Not sure how that happened….I promise it wasn’t me. But I sit and watch my wife spray down the kids and think to myself, I remember what it was like to not have to worry about anything. Why can’t we stay in that stage all our lives? Why does there have to be bills to pay, jobs to work, and responsibilities to have to worry about in life? Why can’t everyday just be carefree so that we can spend time with our families and enjoy the time we have.

I guess that is what pushed me down the writing path. The hope that one day I can do the things that I love and enjoy more time with my family. So far I have been procrastinating. I don’t know what has driven me to not get my writing done or to start stories over when they are far from completed. But something has. Right now I am going to vow that I won’t let that happen again in the future. My life definitely needs a change and being able to write at home and spend more time with my family is the only choice I see in front of me. So I have to get over what has been keeping me from the life I want to live and just sit down and do some writing.

Sorry for the rant, but I think I need to see what has been keeping me from moving on. It seems like getting it out there has lifted a little burden off of my shoulders. My wife has been pushing for me to write for the last two years because she knows how happy it would make me. It’s time to buckle down and get it done.

What things have kept you from doing what you want to do? What things have you wanted to do that you haven’t done yet? Do you wish you could go back to the day that all responsibility was gone and you were free?

I love hearing from you!


5 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun and a Rant

  1. Sometimes it seems that life is a balancing act. I hope you find ways to balance everything such that you’re able to take care of the needful things as well as the fulfilling ones.

    1. I hate to rant, but I feel like if I see it or let the world see it, then I should be able to push myself all that much harder. I know there are thousands of writers that make it that have just as much on their plate and they don’t let the excuses get them down. I just need to jump on it and get to writing.

  2. One thing about the writing landscape, it has changed so much that you actually have a real chance to support yourself with your writing. I think you should go for it! You’ll be great and yeah, I often wish I was a kid again. Though I’d like to skip the messy teens if it weren’t magically happen. Once was enough for that!

    1. Haha, I never really had an issue when I was a teen, but I grew up in a small community and I’ve always been more mature then my teen friends. I just never let the bad things really bother me, I guess.

  3. Hooray for committing to your dreams! We’ll be here to cheer you along. šŸ™‚

    Don’t know if you’ve read it, but there’s a great book by Ralph Keyes called The Courage to Write. It might help inspire you as you try to figure out what’s been holding you back.

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