Outdoor Project at My House

I’ve noticed that I have started writing more and more Random Blog Posts as time has worn on. Maybe it is because I’m getting older, maybe it is because I’m just plain crazy, I don’t know but we will just run with it.

Today brings me to another topic that has been stewing around in my head. Have you ever had ideas that have come up that you think are just wonderful until you start to work on them? My wife and I had this wonderful idea that we would make a stone patio just outside the back door to the house. Sounds awesome! It’s going to look great.

So we head out to the local home improvement store and pick up the goods, or try to pick up the goods. We ended up buying all the stones for the job, not realizing that they weighed 42 lbs. a piece. We go to load them up, and there is no way my truck is going to handle all the load. We end up getting a quarter of the stones and heading home.

Now mind you, I don’t know what it was like building the pyramids, but I would say that after carrying the stones to the backyard that day, my wife and I both felt like we knew. Man was it tiring. Not only was it tiring, but I got to look forward to a few more trips after more stones over the next few weeks. But I digress.

So we start installing the stones. We get two rows in and have pretty much decided this is the worst idea in the world and that we don’t have the strength to do the other five. But as the ground was already cleared out, it wasn’t like we had much of a choice. The work had to get done.

I’ll give you a quick mindset of how the rows went.
Row 1 – measure out everything to make sure it is good.
Row 2 – measure out everything, but now we’re starting to not be as perfect on everything.
Row 3 – Give up measuring, now we are just eyeing the level based on the last stone
Row 4 – Breathing hard and getting pretty damn tired of lifting these stones
Row 5 – We don’t really care what happens anymore, just get the damn thing finished
Row 6 – Fuck it, it can look crappy, I’m ready to go inside.

I’m sure each of you have had this type of project go down. We did get the job done, but our attitude did change substantially over the course of the project. It does look good and everything has been put where it needs to be, but it was just weird how quickly everything went from being perfect to just getting done. Even though it did turn out pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.

Have you ever had any projects like this? Let me know!


3 thoughts on “Outdoor Project at My House

  1. that was a great article. i have done projects before and was over whelmed the first day. now i watch you tube and with great fore sight decide. I also now know a handy man that help me out for montary reasons.

  2. Oh, yes, I’ve been there! Maybe not exactly there with huge patio stones. Yardwork and preparing new garden beds though… “What do you mean that soil isn’t turned?”

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