Tumble Dry, the Bastard Setting for the Laundry

I’ve always been the one to do the laundry at my house. I’m not for sure how that came about, but it has always been like that since my wife moved in with me. I think she has some sort of power that made me believe that I had decided that I would do the laundry every week. When things started out, it wasn’t that big of a deal so I didn’t complain.

Then my little angel came along. Greatest thing that has ever happened to my little family. She is wonderful. However, she came with an unseen problem. Fluffy clothes. Why oh why would anyone make clothes that take a century to dry?

Oh but it doesn’t stop with clothes, blankets (the ogre of the bedding) were added to the mix. Everything so soft and fluffy, great for her, hell on Dad working with the dryer. It’s not like you can put multiple blankets together and hope they dry in one quick run through the dryer on tumble. Nope it takes three cycles for the blankets to get dry.

Ok, so three cycles don’t sound that bad, but when you have other clothes to wash, they can be a major problem for all those wonderful socks and jeans waiting for those damn blankets. Hell, I have to plan how to wash my clothes more strategically then I did when I planned cargo for planes in the military! I only have so much time to get the work done, it’s not like the weekend is going to wait for me to finish. It moves right along and the next thing you know the weekend is over and the right clothes never make it into the wash. I know I can’t be alone in this world of clothing that thinks the tumble dry setting was created so that the sock gnomes can laugh at me from afar.

Sock gnomes…..now there is another topic.

Do you ever have this problem? Am I all alone in my laundry woes? What do you do to layout your laundry schedule? I love to hear from you!


6 thoughts on “Tumble Dry, the Bastard Setting for the Laundry

  1. Fluffy blankets! I have two girls, so I feel your pain. Just wait until yours decides that she needs to change her outfit multiple times during the day. It will happen. Sigh.

    Laundry schedule? LOL You crack me up, Gilliad! I do make my older daughter wash her own clothes though. A schedule would make things easier when we both have to use the laundry room. LOL. Still laughing about that. 🙂

    1. You are bringing up phases of my daughters life that I am living in denial about, lol. I already have a hard time getting everything done when she wears one outfit per day, I don’t even want to think about her wearing more then that.

  2. All I’m going to say is that my mother tried frantically to teach me to do the laundry before my wedding day! I thought I had it down too, until the second week of married life, when I shrunk my honey’s favorite white shirt.
    He gave me a laundry lesson right there in the basement of the apartment where we lived. I felt so bad about it.I never washed anything in hot again.
    When my son was 8 (when chores are fun) I taught my son to wash cloths. He’s 24 and still does a good job. Sometimes I wonder if he’ll have to teach his bride how to do the laundry. 🙂

    1. Haha, I’ve never had that issue. I just ended up doing it myself, but still don’t know how much of that was through extensive brainwashing from my wife.

  3. I agree Sock Gnomes is another good blog topic! I’ve never been a stickler about laundry, as long as we basically avoid the hot water cycle for the most part. Never went for the fluffy setting. If it called for it, too bad. Like you say, who has time? My husband has always done his own laundry and vice versa. I did all four kids’ laundry until they got old enough to do their own. Letting them do their own comes with funny stories in itself. I need to get that story posted on my blog one of these days! I remember naming the mound of clothes, towels, and bedding in the laundry room, Mount Laundry. Ended up in one of my books, not published yet. That mountain would actually disappear every so often, but it was one part about motherhood I always had nagging at me.

    Good luck with the ongoing laundry battle. I bet you’ll have lots more to share with us!

    1. I always run into the problem of the mountain never moving. It starts out tall and is still tall after five loads! I don’t know how it does it. If only I could make it a mountain of money…… Hey I can dream right.

      Sock gnomes, crafty creatures. Always playing tricks on your mind,

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