Now I’m Back Jack!

Sorry for the delay in posts. I’d like to say that there was a major reason, but at the moment, Nothing is coming to mind.


I was fighting Ninja’s on a path of destruction. I kept everyone safe, no one knows, and I am now your king. Continue on your day.


Well, I guess that is a decent excuse. I mean who really knows where the ninja’s are. They could be anywhere. They could be next door. That’s right, Ninja’s are the silent foe.

But if you have Ninja’s, then you have to consider the fact that there might be Pirates around. Pirates bring a whole new problem to the table. Actually to the high seas. I didn’t fight on the high seas……

Guess I’m headed back out. I’ll catch ya on the next ship!

Actually, I am back. The pirates will just have to wait. Stay off boats. I’ll get to them when I get a chance. But now, know that you are safe from Ninja’s. Or are you?

These random thoughts brought you by Gilliad Stern’s return to blogging on this site. Not responsible for any Ninja battles that take place in your area.

So how are you guys?


6 thoughts on “Now I’m Back Jack!

    1. Random thoughts are great! I have them all the time. I have felt like I’ve been running this at a more professional level then what I am personally. I’m going to bring more of me to the site, which means more random thoughts.

  1. i am glad you took care of the ninjas, i will take care of the pirates. if they offer enough gold i may join them. that is the great thing about a neutral alignment.

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