Learning: How Easy We Forget What it Was Like

I know the blog has been somewhat on a hiatus recently, but I am back and ready to keep moving forward. This blog stems from my own daughter and watching what she does as she grows. My daughter is a wonderful year-and-a-half old and she is learning and seeing something in the world for the first time everyday.

It’s easy to sit back and take for granted what we have, the work we do, and the things we see on a daily basis, but at what point do we sit back and think about all the wonderful things we get to see. My daughter always has a look of inspiration and awe on her face as she looks out the window and sees something new. Heck you need earmuffs to block out the sounds coming from her when the blinds come up and it is snowing outside.

What happened to that joy in all of us? The stress of the day gets in the way. What are we going to do for dinner? Who’s going to pick up which kid at what time? How can I get things going for me at work? When do we take the time to sit back and enjoy the fact that we are just here. There are so many things in the world that are going to pull your thoughts and time away from what you do, I challenge you to take just a couple minutes a day to sit there and enjoy what you have and what the world has to offer.

This world is a very complicated place. Systems interact with each other that we never see in our lifetime, but they are still there. Don’t spend the time watching it go by, step back and grab some of the beauty this world has to offer. Remember the face of a child as they learn something new for the first time.


4 thoughts on “Learning: How Easy We Forget What it Was Like

  1. That is why it is so amazing to be a parent. You remember things like this and get to experience learning through their eyes. I LOVE being a mom and now a grandma. Glad you are back. 🙂

  2. So true! I love how my little one makes me think about things in a fresh way again. We should try to see everything in a new way, too–great reminder!

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