Ways to Clear Your Mind

20130210-203038.jpg Image from WANA Commons by H.KoppDelany

Clearing your mind. Something that shouldn’t be that hard for us but it seems that with all the balls in the air, we don’t take nearly the time we should for ourselves. Clearing your mind can have definite benefits, both to your emotional well being and your physical well being. We should all take some time during the day to clear your mind and refresh.

“But how can we do such a thing?'” you might ask yourself. There are so many ways to out there to clear your mind, but this is a task that you are going to have to find out what works for you and run with it. I know for me, I can clear my mind and get rid of my stress by playing my computer games. It’s a time that I can just sit down and forget about what has happened or what has gone on through the day. I have also found out recently that I can push a lot of things out of my mind when cooking.

I know some of you out there are thinking, “Cooking? Really?” But it’s true.

To give some background, I was the type of person that took the easy way out for years on cooking. I would do everything I could in the book to not have to actually make anything. But recently as I have been cooking more for my small family, I have found that it is quite relaxing. I don’t have to think of the thirty things I didn’t get done at work or how I haven’t written my blog or my story for the night yet, and just focus on what I am doing. Things fly out of my mind and I can just make the dinner.

I have found that since I’ve been taking time to clear my mind on a daily basis, I have been happier overall. It is easy to overlook what we need for ourselves in the bustle of everyday life, but I urge you to stop and relax for a certain time everyday. Even if it is just ten minutes. It does wonders.

I love to hear back from you! What types of things could you do to help you clear your mind? Are you currently using something to give yourself a break? What do you think would work for you?

Let me know! Oh and yeah, Shrimp Scampi was on the menu last night.


2 thoughts on “Ways to Clear Your Mind

  1. It may sound very strange but I find combing out my yorkie’s hair to be very mind clearing. I have to pay attention so I don’t pull his hair and the repetitive action calms him and me. Very zen like states result.

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