Oh How the Snow Falls….

Image from WANA Commons by Patti O’Shea

Snow, snow, snow. What more can I say. The winter beast has been unreleased on my dwelling. The picture above has more snow then my current storm, but we’ve had a couple storms of that quantity this year. I don’t mind the snow that much, but I do hate the shoveling. I envy those that don’t have snow during the year.

Along with the snow comes the cold weather. We are currently in a wind chill warning of -30 for the evening. Gotta love the north. Just last week it was 50. Now it feels like -30. Hey, it’s only 80 degrees difference.

The weather got me thinking about some of my writing. I’ve read enough books on writing to know not to start your story with the cliche storm or dark night but the weather can play a large part in the setting of the story. You can use dark storms to bring about a the feeling of helplessness. Sunny days can bring out happy things. It is all in the description.

“The storm raged outside the house. Drakken felt the shadows fall over the room as the lightening struck outside. The thunder booming in the distance had Drakken on edge. Sitting at the window, he kept his eyes turned outward looking for the incoming forces.”

The above paragraph shows how the storm plays over Drakken. As the storm rages outside, he is sitting inside looking for enemies. The storm sets the scene for a battle or something bad to happen.

Have you had to use weather in your writing? Do you use different parts of the weather in your sittings to help describe the action that is taking place? What are some of the tricks that you have used?

I love to hear from you!


3 thoughts on “Oh How the Snow Falls….

  1. You can have the snow! LOL. I like having a handful of snow days. The kids and the dogs play in it and then we’re done. We had one winter with three massive dumps of 8+ inches each. That was fun, but I was glad when it was all gone.

    I like your stormy paragraph–nice use of setting.

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