Turkey Day +7

20121128-093356.jpgMy Christmas Tree!

Turkey day is over, the trash is all taken out, the food turned into leftovers, all the family has gone back home, and all that is left is the memories. Right? Well we actually were able to host my family coming up for the holiday and let me tell you, that crap is a bunch of work. I did half the work of my wife and I was tired. She is still recovering. Though the wine we bought has helped us both out. 🙂

So what comes next? Christmas. A week from Turkey Day we have put our tree up and the house is decorated out in the new Christmas cheer. We were a little off from our normal schedule because we weren’t able to celebrate Turkey Day until Saturday. It was hard enough to have everyone there, let alone have the tree up and in the way. We normally put it up the day after Thanksgiving, following the tradition of my family.

So now our house is decorated and that brings with it a month of trying to keep my daughter out of the Christmas Tree. Things are going to be interesting in December!

How has your house changed now that Turkey Day is over? When do you normally start putting up your Christmas Tree? Are you tired of seeing stores putting things up for Christmas earlier and earlier? What Christmas traditions does your family have?

I love hearing from you!


4 thoughts on “Turkey Day +7

  1. Enjoy this time! It’s so magical! Our kids are all grown, so our tree is still in box, waiting for me to get a minute to work on it. I’ll get it up before kids arrive, but its just not the same. Oh, watched Brave and you’re right! Very fun! Thanks for reviewing it!

  2. The joys of toddlers and Christmas tree ornaments. 🙂 My teenager got Brave for her birthday (an early gift–December bdays can be a bummer). She loves the movie.

    It’ll be a few years before yours has any interest in movies with plots. She will eventually. 🙂

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