Monday Movie Review: Brave


We rented this movie for my daughter, but she wasn’t too interested. I don’t think it caught her attention like we were hoping it would, but she is only 15 months old, so I’ll let her pass by. Either way my wife and I thought it was a pretty good movie. I’m a huge fan of Pixar films and so far I haven’t seen one that we haven’t enjoyed.

Brave is the story of a princess that is at the age to court her suitor. The King has arranged for a tournament that will show off the best from each of the clans to marry his daughter. However, his daughter has been a tomboy all her life and is not ready to make that sort of commitment. The Queen is pushing very hard for her daughter to become a lady and this causes friction between the two. When Merida finds a witch in the woods and asks for her mother to change, the story unfolds in a way that is unexpected and funny.

I enjoyed this film from Pixar. I had read some mixed reviews on the film and some of the disappointment had come from the fact that it was just another Princess story from Disney, but I thought they did some unexpected things with the story that made it stick out from the standard Disney classic. I loved the three brothers of Merida and they add humor in just the right places.

This movie is one I would recommend for anyone who likes Pixar films. I have every plan of asking for this one for Christmas to add to my list of movies. A favorable thumbs up from this writer.


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