Monday Movie Review: The Hunter


This weekend, my wife and I were able to watch The Hunter with Willem Dafoe. The movie is about a mercenary that is hired by a biotech company to chase the animal that is supposedly extinct. They want him to hunt down the Tasmanian Tiger, an animal that has only been seen by the locals, no one has ever caught one.

He moves in with a family to rent a room close to the wilderness. A move that is awkward for him because he always works alone. Jack (Sam Niell) takes care of the family because the father went into the wilderness over a year ago and hasn’t been heard from since. Martin (Dafoe) notices right off the bat that something isn’t right.

Working his way through the family’s problems and his own, Martin finds himself being hunted down by the same company that sent him to the wilderness. He also has a problem with the local workers because logging jobs have become scarce. An environmental movement has come into the area and halted work. The locals believe that Martin works for them.

The movie has more of a play of a literary novel. The movie is all about characters. One of the biggest things that I enjoy about this movie is how Dafoe’s character grows throughout the movie. He grows throughout the movie and you get to witness the transition in the story.

I don’t think this one will make it to my movie rack, but I would recommend a watch if you get the chance. Overall a good watch if you want a movie that is character based.

Have any of you seen this movie? Like? Don’t like?

I love to hear your comments!


7 thoughts on “Monday Movie Review: The Hunter

    1. It was rated R. I thought there was going to be more action involved, but it did spur my interest on building characters. It wasn’t one that was full of action, that is for sure.

      1. Yeah, from the premise, I’d expect more action. I don’t watch R movies, so will have to wait for the edited for tv version. But your review will make me more likely to do that. Thanks!

      2. I can understand that. I honestly am not for sure where they got the R-rating for this one, there wasn’t much in it that I noticed. I don’t think you would miss out on anything by watching the TV version.

  1. Good review Gilliad. Dafoe is definitely the best part of this movie, but it definitely has some interesting ideas and themes going for it as well. Just wish it ended up being a lot more exciting towards the end.

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