NASA Wednesday: New Crew Headed to the ISS

NASA Astronaut Kevin Ford and Russian cosmonauts Evegny Terelkin and Oveg Novitskiy took off in a Russian Soyaz Rocket from Kazakstan on Tuesday, October 23. Site 31 was the home for the launch. It is the first time in 28 years that a human has taken off from this site.

Travel to the space station is not short. The three space travelers will be in the rocket for two days before docking with the International Space Station. Novitskiy is the commander and will be at the helm of the rocket during it’s flight. The three travelers will meet up with Expedition 33 and relieve them of their command. Expedition 33 has been living on the International Space Station since July.

NASA TV will be broadcasting the docking. The three astronauts are supposed to be on station until March of 2013.

The International Space Station is an international project that has been housing crews for some time. For more information regarding the station, you can go to


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