Monday Movie Review: Dark Shadows


This weekend my wife and I had the pleasure of watching Dark Shadows. I am a big fan of Johnny Depp and his darker movies so I was excited to get to see this movie. It is listed as a comedy, but I would consider it a darker comedy. Someone with my sense of humor would enjoy it.

The movie starts out by digging into the past of Barnabas Collins. The family is cursed and the fishing business falls apart after the apparent death of Barnabas. However, Barnabas is cursed and turned into a vampire and buried. He is dug up in 1972. The witch has utterly destroyed the family business and Barnabas vows to bring it back.

The movie quickly shows off its humor and doesn’t stop from there. Depp plays his normal character type with witty comments happening throughout the movie. His supporting cast in the Collins family, help make the movie what it is. The flow between the different characters is flawless and there is just enough secret about each character to keep you guessing as the movie goes along. Pay special attention to the daughter, she has a secret that I would have never guessed until the end of the movie.

I don’t know if this one will make it on my shelf, but I definitely recommend it to anyone with a dark sense of humor. The movie is worth a watch.

Have you seen Dark Shadows before? Do you like Dark Comedies? What is your favorite type of comedy? What Depp movies would you watch?

I love to hear your comments!


7 thoughts on “Monday Movie Review: Dark Shadows

  1. As a standalone movie, I enjoyed the flick but I also grew up watching the TV show it was roughly based on. In that area, it made me cringe. It’s nothing like the original series. Still, I liked the movie.

  2. Another movie to add to my list. I agree with Ryan–I watched the TV show, too. The movie has a bit of a campy feel to me. I do like Johnny Depp’s crazy acting ability though, so I’ll watch it eventually. 🙂

  3. the movie was a good watch, the comedy was good and the movie did not lull like some do. i recommend it. the scene with barabas and the witch was funny. also the comments about alice cooper.

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