In With the Cold

Today is that wonderful day. The day that you get up and feel a chill in the air. Where I am at, that means that the wind is blowing a ton and the temperature goes from being coat worthy to holy shit!, it’s cold! I see sparkles of the sun out there, but today he seems to be keeping his warmth from the world.

My wife loves this time of year. As a photographer, she loves being able to take pictures of the changing leaves. While I will admit that it does add up to some absolutely wonderful pictures, the changing of the leaves means that snow is on the way. And cold, very, very, very cold. I shiver just thinking about the days when the temperature drops way below 0 and you can’t look outside without getting the shakes. Fun.

Another wonderful aspect coming in the next few months will be snow. No one can really predict what the weather will be like over the winter months, so I’m going to throw my hat in the ring. I say it’s either going to snow a few inches over the course of the winter, or we’ll have 40 feet. What? My guess can’t be much worse then the current weather people talking about it now. I don’t have a real problem with snow though, especially this year because I will be able to get my daughter out for the first time and play in it. Winter could be exciting at my house. 🙂

What types of things do you like to do in the fall/winter? Do you enjoy the winter months or do you just wish you could move away when the snow starts to fall? Does it even snow where you live?

I’d love to hear what you feel about the colder months of the year!


7 thoughts on “In With the Cold

  1. Fall is my favorite season of the whole year. Not only for changing leaves, which I love, but it brings the string of my favorite holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. I love seeing stores jam packed with Halloween decor. I love that where I live a few of these Halloween City stores are showing up, occupying temporary spaces until Nov 1.

    But yeah, a bit chilly this morning at 41F… (that’s like 5C for all you metric folks). Where I live we had a dry, dry winter last year, so most of us are hoping we get dumped on this year. I’m a recently changed to skiing snowboarder and didn’t get to take my new skis out to do much at all last season, so I’m eager to break them in.

    But Fall first. I love Fall! Perfect weather for me. I love wearing jackets. Coats, meh, but jackets I have a plethora of. Aw, you got me talking way more than I intended about my ❤ for Fall. Great conversation starting post!

    1. Haha, you and my wife would get along great. She loves everything to do with fall. I do have a special place for Halloween in my heart though, forgot about including that in Fall.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Holy cow, I have a hard time thinking about that much snow! A couple of years ago, we had several days of snow in North Texas. We had enough to build an igloo (my husband’s design), a 9-ft snowman, and 2 snow dogs (my daughter’s idea). The igloo lasted for days after everything else melted. It was just big enough for an adult and a child to squeeze into it. I just couldn’t imagine living somewhere during the winter where snow was the norm!

    1. Well last year it was pretty dry so we only got a little bit of snow in a few different storms. But I know my first year up here we got 2 feet of snow in the first storm and with other storms we had off and on, we had snow on the ground from November until March.

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