Roleplaying and Writing

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Today we are going to talk about roleplaying games and their role in writing. There are various styles of roleplaying that can create ideas in the mind of a writer. Especially for a fantasy writer.

But before we get into this, what exactly does roleplaying entail? A roleplaying game is a game that allows you to get into the life of a hero or heroine. Throughout the game you go on quests and gain experience to level. Leveling allows you to gain more spells and become more powerful.

Dungeon’s and Dragons created a huge fan base after it came out. People would meet to play games and grow their characters. The RPG (Roleplaying Game) was born. Various companies have created games for computers (MMORPG) over the years which have created an even larger fan base that extends into most homes. World of Warcraft took over as the dominant force in the MMORPG world after Blizzard Entertainment released it on the market.

So how does all this relate to writing? Well as a fantasy author, I am an avid gamer especially in World of Warcraft. Yes it does get in the way of the time I could spend writing but the ideas that come out of the playing are well worth the time. These types of games are thick with story, a changing story that helps immerse the player as the game lives on. It is a way for someone to see their character grow and change with the changing political layout of the game.

To me, I use my time playing games to try and work on my character building and to watch how other people grow their characters over the course of playing the game. What things do you do to help you with your writing?


3 thoughts on “Roleplaying and Writing

  1. I’m not a gamer, although I’m pretty sure that if I were I’d get sucked into the world never to return. What a great way to look at character building. Love it! I observe people a lot more than they realize.

  2. I dabble in games. Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies, some WII Mario Kart, but I came to it too late to be good at games. I seem to be able to think up mayhem, just living my life. LOL! But I don’t write fantasy. I can see where these games would be helpful.

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