Movie Review Monday – Starship Troopers Invasion


Starship Troopers, what more can I say. If you love military science fiction, there is no series that is better. Just don’t always watch the movies. The original movie is about the only one that holds it’s weight to the Heinlein novel. Until this one.

You start out with a push on Fort Casey. It has been invaded by bugs and they send in the Mobile Infantry to rescue a few of the people left on the station. We follow the unit as they get out of Fort Casey and start to head home on another vessel. They find out that the ship they were transferred to has been overrun by bugs and is headed towards Earth. They are the only ones that can keep the planet from being invaded. They have to stop the ship at all costs.

This movie is done entirely CGI which adds a new aspect to the Starship Troopers universe. CGI allows them to add another level to the story that I believe allows some of the stunts to be done easier then a live version. The CGI was done very well. I would say to the same level as the previous Final Fantasy movies. CGI had a realistic feel to it.

The movie itself was very good. I have been a die hard Starship Troopers fan since I watched the original in theaters. I actually went to it having never heard of it, but that is another story. It quickly moved up the ranks as one of the better movies that I had seen. I also have still been a fan as I suffered through the lackluster animated series and the second and third movies. However, I can’t fault everyone involved, they didn’t have any money to make the movie like the first one did. Starship Troopers Invasion adds another movie to the series that is close to the first one in quality. I wouldn’t recommend for someone who knows nothing about the series but your die hard fans are going to love it.

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3 thoughts on “Movie Review Monday – Starship Troopers Invasion

  1. I am suffering from the TV curse, where every time i see this movie on, its always in the same spot, so I miss stuff that would let me understand. I guess i need to track it down and just watch it, so I understand what’s going on. LOL!

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