Cartoons of Yesterday are Gone!

I was watching some cartoons with the boys that my wife watches during the day and I was amazed at the options that were out there for current cartoons. The cartoons of today are nothing but extreme screen hopping with loud noises and screaming. I couldn’t believe that the stories were gone. I just sat and watched and felt myself wanting to jump up and run around. What happened to the story?

I remember watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and losing myself in the story. I actually cared about whether or not the turtles saved April from the Evil Shredder. There were different episodes where the story grew from the turtles and Master Splinter to a full fledge fighting force. Normally the turtles had some lowly baddie that they had to take on, but the days the Shredder made his appearance, I remember actually being excited. The story is what got me entranced. It’s what makes the show so great today, if you are lucky enough to find one on.

The cartoons that are on TV these days have no hook to bring you in. And yes, I know that we are talking about kids here, but the story is what ties everything together. Without it, you just have a bunch of random people jumping around and screaming. There is no tie to the story other then it is on TV. Bring the story back!

What do you think about the cartoons that are on these days? Am I just crazy?


6 thoughts on “Cartoons of Yesterday are Gone!

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I don’t expect to sit down and get hooked on a series for children, and I know nostalgia plays its party, but kid’s shows really lack any sort of structure these days. Or maybe I just can’t follow them…

  2. I think a lot of cartoons, even regular TV shows have gone this way. Good writing isn’t as prevalent as it used to be. Take a look at the movie industry. I can’t really say there are dozens of movies I’m dying to see. Anymore it’s about 3 to 5 a year at best.

    But, that’s doesn’t mean writing has completely gone, you just have to know where to look. I don’t know that you’re necessarily interested in cartoons per se, but there are a few with some pretty good writing. If you haven’t seen Avatar: The Last Air Bender, I definitely recommend looking it up. Very well written series. Too bad the movie was a dud. It’s crazy and wacky, but still clever, I also recommend Adventure Time (though I admit, it may lean more toward jumping and screaming, at least they’re jumping and screaming cleverly). And lastly, and I’m dead serious about this one, the new My Little Pony series (also available on Netflix). I’ve been fascinated watching simply for the basics of storytelling they employ that works so well. You may surprise yourself becoming a fan of the show, I know I was. (Well, I also have a friend that works on the show, so you know I had to give it a watch).

    I think there’s less good than there was, and the mediocrity of yesteryear is abysmal in our times, but all the more reason to motivate us to become better writers. Thanks for the post!

  3. Cartoons are definitely different from the ones I watched as a kid. I think some of the cartoons that target a girl audience have more of a story. “My Little Pony” has been overhauled for this generation. Gone are the chubby, friendly ponies who mostly danced through castles and meadows (“Oh, whatever can we get Minty for her birthday?”). Now, they are sleek, sassy, and smart with references to old movies (“The horror!”) that go over my daughter’s head. Even I can enjoy watching an episode or two. 😉 That’s the only current cartoon we watch. We pull out the “Animaniacs” and “Pinky and the Brain” DVDs for more fun.

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