Monday Movie Review – The Hunger Games


That’s right, this weekend we were able to rent The Hunger Games. I had high hopes for the movie as I had heard very good things. Therefore, I was very excited to bring this movie home and see how well they adapted the movie from the book series.

The movie starts out following Katniss Everdeen. She lives in District 12 in Panem. The world is not well off. People are starving, the district is in shambles, Katniss and her family live in a starving state. Katniss lives with her younger sister, Primrose, and her mother.

Katniss ducks outside the fence to hunt for food. She hides a bow and arrow outside the fence and tracks game with a friend, Gale. They have to hide because it is a serious crime to be outside of the fence. As they hide, they show that there is something more then just friendship.

The Capital has a tradition every year that they call the Hunger Games. They pull two kids from each district, one male and one female, and put them in an arena to fight to the death. The single winner is then showered as a hero. These games are put on to help remind the districts about their revolution from the past. This is how the Capital keeps them down.

Overall the movie was decent. As someone who had read the book going in, I was expecting more backstory. It seemed that they rushed to get to the Games to ramp up the action. A lot of things were happening in the movie that they did not explain. It seemed like they expected everyone who went to the movie to have read the book. The explanations of the political situation were almost non-existant. The lack of a backstory really hurt the quality of the movie in my opinion.

I was really excited for this movie to come out, but I have no plans on buying it for my own collection. If I want to visit Panem in its entirety I will pull the book back off the shelf. Now if you haven’t read the book, the movie could stand alone on its own. My wife hadn’t read the books and she thought it was a good movie.

Have you seen the Hunger Games? What did you think? Did you read the book? I’d love to know.


2 thoughts on “Monday Movie Review – The Hunger Games

  1. I had not read the book either. When I heard the concept, I just had a hard time with it. I’m a mom and I couldn’t do it. My kids took me to see it and I thought it was good, but it still upset me. LOL! I thought Katniss was awesome, haunting, credible. I had a little trouble getting over it. But as I said, I’m a mom.

  2. I haven’t read the book yet either. It’s odd because some of my own writing has been dark and twisted (by my own standards.) My daughter read the first two and said she was done; she won’t read the third. She saw the movie under duress with her friend. I’ll probably cave at some point and read and watch.

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