NASA’s Curiosity Moves from Bradbury Landing

NASA has announced that Mars rover Curiosity has started moving from its landing site at Bradbury Landing. NASA named the landing site after the late author, Ray Bradbury. Moving for the first time Curiosity’s drive combined forward, turn and reverse segments. The movement was over a 20 foot spot from where it landed 16 days ago.

The drive confirmed the health of Curiosity’s mobility system as well as produced the rovers first tracks on the Martian soil. These tracks were documented in pictures taken after the drive. Curiosity will spend a few more days or driving and working at Bradbury Landing before driving to it’s first destination, approximately 1,300 feet from it’s current location. During this time it will continue to perform instrument checks and study its current surroundings.

Not only did this information excite me because we are getting closer to finding out more about our nearest neighbor in this solar system, but I found it touching that they named the landing site after Ray Bradbury. Millions of people’s lives have been inspired by the stories of Ray Bradbury, NASA’s scientists included as he wrote about the possibility of life on Mars.

Below is a picture of the tracks left on Mars. Image is courtesy of NASA.



4 thoughts on “NASA’s Curiosity Moves from Bradbury Landing

  1. I wonder if it will see the rover that Howard (Big Bang Theory) drove into the ditch to impress that girl? (grin) It is very exciting! I keep hoping it will drive far enough to see My Favorite Martian. (another grin)

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