Monday Movie Review – Warrior

This week, my wife and I sat down and watched Warrior. The movie is a tale about a broken family who competes in mixed martial arts. The youngest son Tommy Conlon and his mother moved away from their father (Nick Nolte) who was an alcoholic. Tommy returns home with a past that you don’t quite hear about until the end of the movie. Brendan Conlon, Tommy’s brother, is a teacher at a local school that is down to his last dime. His family is in financial trouble and they are about to lose their house. Through a set of actions, both Brendan and Tommy get into Sparta – the superbowl of MMA tournaments.

I did enjoy the way the story laid out. Tommy’s history is a mystery until most of the way through the movie and it adds another level of intrigue to the story. The fight scenes are laid out really well and gives the actual feeling of what a MMA fight would feel like if you were at one. The conflict between the family adds drama that keeps the story moving while the action scenes are dispersed enough throughout the movie to not make the movie drag.

Overall the movie was very good. I don’t think I’ll be buying it to put on the shelf, but it is very close to getting my vote. I definitely would recommend it to anyone that loves a good story.


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