Monday Movie Review – Act of Valor

This last week I had the opportunity to watch Act of Valor and I was not disappointed. The movie takes a different view of American Special Forces by allowing the actual combatants play their characters in the movie. I have been excited to see this movie since the trailers came out earlier in the year.

The movie starts out with the softer side of the troops. They are at home before taking off on a mission. You get to meet the families of each of the soldiers and it puts an emotional touch on each of the characters. It allows you to relate to what they are going through.

Shortly after that the action starts. The tactics used in the movie are based off of real assignments that take place everyday. This allows for a whole new aspect to the movie as the forces are played by actual Special Forces. Some of the things they do during the movie are insane. Its amazing someone would be doing this in the real world.

Overall I loved the movie. It gives an inside look into a special forces team. I plan on buying this movie. I had heard from people that the acting was low quality because it wasn’t actors playing their roles but I saw the acting as somewhat low quality because of the dialog they were given in the story. There are a lot of cliche’s used, which is how it may be in the actual field, but I just felt the writers were scared to get very deep in the dialog without actors. I thought the roles in the movie were played very well.


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