NASA Wednesday: Curiosity Killed the Cat

Actually it didn’t….but it sure did kick the hell out of that Mars Landing. That’s right! We have another rover on the surface of Mars to try and find extraterrestrial life. I know there are a lot of naysayers out there that think that space exploration is a waste of money, but I for one firmly believe in speeding up the rate through which we study our own solar system. There are so many things that are unknown in the universe, to discard it completely just seems to be against common sense.

But back to Curiosity, I’m sure my inner thoughts on NASA’s lack of a budget are not the reason that you have tuned in today. Curiosity is another rover that we have landed on the face of Mars. It is there to study the surface of the planet and send back photos of what it is seeing. Curiosity has already sent back its first color images and a two and a half minute video of the landing. You can see these online.

The fact that NASA scientists can land a labratory the size of a compact car on a planet after an 8 month journey just baffles me. These guys know their business. The downside is that an agreement between the US and European space agencies fell apart and two missions to Mars for 2016 and 2018 have been cancelled. Right now no one really knows when the next mission will be, but I personally hope that Curiosity can find something that will push Congress to fund further missions. At this point though, the next mission is up in the air. NASA does still plan on sending astronauts to the red planet in the Mid-2030’s.

What do you think about the rover landing? Does it mean much to you or is it just the same old news? I love to get everyone’s opinions, so please comment!

Also there will be a post upcoming on the International Space Station, I promise, it just happens that this was bigger news for the week.


4 thoughts on “NASA Wednesday: Curiosity Killed the Cat

  1. I was so disappointed when they ended the Space Shuttle flights. I can’t wait to see what Curiosity finds. Like you, I also hope we do more space exploration.

    1. Yeah I agree. I was saddened by the end of the Space Shuttle program, but NASA has worked out some contracts on the commercial side of things to try and work with companies to develop our next Space vehicle. I believe they are planning on having a vehicle developed within the next five years.

      Thanks for the comment!

    1. Yeah, I’m sure Houston has felt the shutting down of the shuttle program very hard. It is sometimes easy to forget how many people go into making something like the space shuttle. It’s sad, but there is hope on the horizon!

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