Movie Review Monday

Sorry that there will not be a picture for the movie on this blog, but I recently read from another blogger friend of a writer who has been sued over copyrighted pictures on her blog. Because of this, I will probably cut most of my movie pictures from my reviews.

This weekend my wife and I watched the movie Wanderlust. It is the story of a couple that gets in financial trouble after George (Paul Rudd) loses his job. They seek out alternative life styles as they try to get back on their feet and find themselves in a community called Elysium. There are no rules in the community other than to be yourself.

At first they enjoy the stay away from the main stream life in the city, but eventually they run into problems as one part of the couple decides that they want to stay.

The movie itself was somewhat of a standard comedy in my eyes. There were some funny parts but not enough to throw it into the buying column for me. The story was fairly predictable and a lot of the comedic parts had been put in trailers and so you have seen them before. I have no plans of purchasing this movie, but it is definitely one that is worth the rental price.


4 thoughts on “Movie Review Monday

  1. You could take a snap of the disc or the title on the tv. Taking your own picture of an event is not, I don’t believe, violating copyright? Glad you enjoyed the movie! When I was visiting my sister, we watched some classic, Brit tv shows, like Lord Peter Whimsey and Miss Marple. Have not seen an actual movie for way too long.

    1. Sometimes movies don’t really fit into our schedule. I hope you had fun visiting your family. Our cousins were up over the weekend and we had a great time having dinner with the family. Thanks for the comment!

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