Movie Review Monday – Lockout


This weekend we were able to grab another movie from the famed Redbox machine that everyone uses. I’m not sure if they are used as much on the coasts as they are here in the Midwest, but I know that everyone around here uses them for a cheap way to rent a movie.

This weened we watched Lockout. It is the story of a futuristic prison where the inmates break out and take over the prison. The movie is set in the near future, 2075 to be exact, and we are putting prisoners on orbiting maximum security prisons in stasis for the term of their conviction.

Snow (Guy Pearce) is a government agent that has been falsely convicted of a crime and sentenced to 30 years in the prison. He is offered a chance at freedom whenever the President’s daughter is on the station that is taken over by the prisoners. If he can get her out then he can go free.

The movie dives right into the action. Too much at times, the story doesn’t flow like it should. Sometimes you are wondering why things are going on and can’t really come up with an answer. However Guy Pearce sells his character throughout the movie. He made the movie enjoyable for me as the attitude of his character was the smart ass that didn’t bow to anyone. Even with some of the lacking parts of the movie and story, I found myself enjoying this movie and would recommend it for anyone who wants an action movie to rent.


3 thoughts on “Movie Review Monday – Lockout

  1. I’ll have to check it out. However, since I saw Guy Pearce in that memory movie (ironic that the name escapes me?), I have a hard time watching him in anything.

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