Movie Review Monday – Man on a Ledge


This movie followed along the same lines as Phonebooth. The setting of the movie was not extensive. The movie does take place on a ledge. Our main character is a former cop who has escaped from jail. He is trying to prove his innocence by getting on the ledge and talking to the negotiator. While talking with the negotiator, he has set in motion a plan that will help him free himself from his crime.

The movie overall was better then I had anticipated. I liked Phonebooth, but I figured it would be just a knockoff of that movie and would fall short of good. I was pleasantly surprised that there was more depth to the story then I had originally planned. I liked the characters and I enjoyed the story. I would definitely give the movie a rating of worth watching from Redbox. I probably will not find myself buying the movie, but it is definitely worth a watch for a rental.

What did you think of Man on a Ledge? For those of you who have seen it?


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